Now that we’re almost at the end of January (already!), I figured it would be a good time to check in on our resolutions and see where we stand. If you receive my email newsletter, then you know that my New Years Resolution is to pay off quite a bit of my debt, about $26,000 worth since last October to be exact. And if you aren’t part of my newsletter, you are missing out! Sign up using the form to the right and get a free ebook guide.

So how have you been with your goals? Are you sticking with it or with them?

I know you can do this!

They say in marriage that the first year is always the most difficult. Well for New Years Resolutions, the first month is the hardest. January is always the month that takes the most effort, the month that we are trying to solidify the habit so we have an easier time maintaining our goal the rest of the year.

According to statistic website, New Years resolutions are only maintained by 64% of people after 1 month. That means just over a third of American Citizens who make a New Years Resolution don’t get to February. That number drops to 46% that make it past 6 months. This tells me that your chances at keeping your resolution are still fairly good if you make it past the 1 month mark.

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My Resolution Update

As of right now, I am sitting at almost paying off a loan that I have out to be part of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). We’re about $2,000 away from our goal after starting out at just under $10,000 back in September. That isn’t bad at all!

My original goal was to have it the DVC loan paid off by January, but some set backs unfortunately didn’t allow that to happen. However, I’m not going to let that get me down and quit. We are still on track to pay it off in either February or March.

That’s the thing about goals and resolutions, though. There will always be setbacks. There isn’t anything we can do about it because life gets in the way. If something happens and you hit a roadblock or get knocked down while on your way to your financial goals, the important thing to do is to get back up, remind yourself how far you’ve come, and then continue moving forward.

We’ll check back in with our New Years Resolutions and Goals in June again right before we hit the half a year mark. Once again, if you’d like to know more details on my journey of getting out of debt, then please join my newsletter. You won’t regret it!

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