Today marks the one year anniversary of when I officially started AtypicalFinance! On December 1st, 2015 AtypicalFinance was released to the public. One year later, and I’m as excited as ever about the future!

I’ve always been kind of a finance nerd. I enjoy looking at our budget and trying to optimize everything we can.

Then, a few years ago, I developed an intense passion and desire to want to help people learn more about personal finance. I wanted to help people break free from living paycheck to paycheck and discover ways that they could achieve financial freedom.

So back in 2013 I started to research exactly how to go about doing that. That’s when the idea for this blog started.

You see, I believe that everyone deserves a chance to gain financial freedom. I also believe that everyone has the ability to learn, earn, and provide a good financial life for themselves and their families. For that to happen, education is needed.

I also like to do things atypically (after all, it’s in the name). I don’t want to do things like everyone else. Striking a balance in my life, and teaching all of you to do the same is my goal. I don’t want to live for today and neglect tomorrow. At the same time, I don’t want to scrimp and scrape today, so I can have a good life tomorrow. There needs to be a balance. If there is a balance, you’re more likely to stick with it.

A Couple of Highlights

This past year came with a number of highs and lows, but through each experience, there was something to be learned. I love learning. The more you learn the more you can grow.

I believe that not only should you learn from your failures, you should learn from your successes too. That’s what I try and do.

One of the biggest highlights has been the connections I’ve made. This blog has made it possible to connect with other awesome finance bloggers. Two specific sources of inspiration have been David Carlson from Young Adult Money and Andrew from Family Money Plan. Both of these guys are incredible bloggers and incredible people in general. I hope to continue to get to know them, and I encourage you to check out their blogs.

Another big high point is all the connections I’ve made with readers as well. There are new relationships that have developed out of this and old relationships that have been strengthened. I love talking with people about personal finance because it brings in new perspective and everyone learns. It’s a great experience!

Which brings me to…


Thank You!

No, really. You have no idea how much you are appreciated. Every interaction, every comment on my blog, every Facebook share, every reply to my emails, you have no idea how much it means to me.

Please, continue to reach out to me! I love talking with you all!

The Future

I’m ecstatic about what the future holds for AtypicalFinance. I’ve got a lot of plans. Here are some things that are going to be happening within the next year.

I am working on refining the vision of AtypicalFinance. As I mentioned, I believe everyone has a chance at financial freedom, but it’s more than that. Over the past year, I’ve seen just how personal personal finance can be. The vision will tie in to that.

With the refined vision will come a new homepage design and a new tagline for the site. I’m also looking to introduce some of my first products and services to help with your finances.

I’ll also be introducing some free resources as well. These will include downloadable worksheets to go along with the blog content, ebooks, and some short guides. I’m hoping to introduce some videos as well!

I’m also working on my first full-length book!

All of this will be made with the goal of providing you much more value and helping you succeed financially.

I’ll be announcing more soon so be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to my email list to get all of the latest news and blog posts as I publish them.

But Seriously, Thank You

I can’t say it enough. This past year has been a blast even with it’s ups and downs. After all, all of the best rollercoasters have some great ups and downs. I hope to continue to provide you with some personal finance help, insight, and value for many years to come.

Thank you again for your support and for just being you. I’m looking forward to a bright financial future together!

If you have any questions or thoughts about my first year, feel free to comment below. I’d love to start a conversation!