Launching February 25th! How EXACTLY to Stick with Your Budget (and do it with Ease)

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Ugh. Budgets.

Creating one can be difficult. Sticking to one can be even more difficult.

But what sticking to a budget didn’t have to be so difficult?

What if you could create a budget that works specifically for you, and then stick with it almost effortlessly?

Launching February 25th, 2019!

I’m SUPER excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my first course on February 25th, 2019!

In the course, I will show you exactly how to create your own budget, or mold the current budget you’re using, into something that you’ll be able to stick with long-term.

By the end of the course, you will not only be able to stick to your budget longer than you ever have, but you will also make it look easy!

Get the details of the course and sign up for updates on the course here.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to stick with a budget?

In my 15 years of working with other people on their budget as well as continuing to improve my own, I’ve noticed a couple of overarching themes that are the root causes of not being able to stick with your budget.

The First Cause

The first root cause is simply that you are not using a budget that is right for you.

For example, in my own life, I’ve tried to use the budgeting method of “give every dollar a job.” I cannot for the life of me stick to that. So guess what? I don’t use that in my own budget.

Instead, I give myself some breathing room in my budget and don’t worry about every dollar having a specific purpose. That’s something I’m able to stick with!

The Second Cause

The second overarching root cause is that there are barriers to sticking with a budget that people do not know how to remove.

There are two types of barriers to sticking to your budget—practical barriers and mental barriers.

A practical barrier is anything that has a functional or actionable effect on your budget. One practical barrier is not tracking where your money is going. Learning to track your finances helps you over that barrier and stick to your budget.

Examples of mental barriers are how you think about money, your mindset about wealth and poverty and money in general, or trying to keep up with the joneses. Getting over these barriers will go a long way in helping you stick with a budget.

In the course, I will teach you how to get over these barriers as well as how to prevent overspending in common problem categories like grocery spending and eating out.

If you feel frustrated or defeated or can’t seem to stick to your budget, this course is for you. I’d love for you to check it out!

Get the details of the course and sign up for updates on the course here.

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How to Stick to a Budget Course
Having trouble sticking to your budget?
This $47 course will guide you through building a budget in a way that will make it easy to stick with and teach you how to get over the most common mental and practical hurdles you’ll face in sticking to your budget with over 55 tips.

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