Budgeting is the foundation of managing your money well.

I'll help you lay the groundwork.

"9 Ways to Take Your Budget to the Next Level" Course

Take your budget to the next level with this email course. You’ll get 9 tips to level up your budget and clear next steps to take so you can take action today!

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I’ll guide you personally in creating a budget that works for you and the life of your dreams. 

The Atypical Finance Tree

Budgeting is the root of your financial tree. If the roots are strong, your tree will grow strong and big.

Budget well, and you’ll know how much you can spend, save, invest, give, and put toward debt. Budget well, and you can expand into every other part of finance.

The Atypical Finance Tree

Let me personally guide you on how to build your budget and strengthen your roots.

After we’re done, you’ll have a budget that reflects who you are, is easy to maintain, and will skyrocket you toward your life goals.

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Motivation: What Affects it and How to Get Lots More of it

I’ve been studying personal finance—and helping people budget—for the better part of 15 years. In that time, the number one reason that people seem to struggle with their finances is their motivation and mindset. Motivation is one of the biggest hurdles we encounter when we want to reach any goal. We’ve all been there. We hear something, read something, or watch something that inspires us to make a change. We go at it for a while, making a little bit of progress. And then we fizzle out. The motivation is gone. It’s the reason why we slump back into the

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Do These Nine Things Now if You Have a Variable Income

Budgeting on a variable income can be a beast. There isn’t any normalcy.

You aren’t sure if you’re going to make enough money this week to pay your bills.

Things can feel really uncomfortable trying to budget when you’re not bringing home the same amount every paycheck.

You may have even given up on budgeting because it seems too difficult. 

If you’re not getting paid the same amount of money regardless of how many hours you work, I’ve got some hope for you.

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5 Health Tips That Can Help You Deal With Financial Stress

We all face financial stress at one point or another. The reality is, is that it’s inevitable and uncontrollable in most cases.

Taking time to asses and correct our state of well being can make all the difference when persevering through challenging times, which is why in this article, we will be looking at why health should become a priority when trying to deal with financial stress.

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What Mountains Can Teach You About Personal Finance

My family and I just got back from our yearly week-long trip to Colorado. We love going out to Colorado, partially for the amazing views and partially to visit our awesome family. This year, we decided to take a ride from Grand Lake to Estes Park using Trail Ridge Road and it did not disappoint. Literally some of the BEST views I’ve ever seen! It’s hard to capture how amazing the views are but here is a panoramic photo to give you an idea (click for a full-size image). This particular curve where this was taken is called “Fairview.” Umm…talk

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Debt Payoff – Celebrate the Small Wins

If you’re anything like me then you have been mad at yourself at one time or twelve for acquiring so much debt. You have thoughts of regret mixed with a bunch of “if only’s” and “why” questions. Thoughts like “Why did I let myself get into so much debt?” or “I wouldn’t be struggling right now if I didn’t have this debt” are commonplace. You could have debt regret because it can keep you from being able to afford a nice vacation or force you to continue working an unfulfilling job. It can keep you from giving generously to a

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How to Reverse Lifestyle Inflation

A while back, while cleaning up some of the stuff I left at my mom’s house years ago, I found an old spreadsheet I created with all of my bills on it. The spreadsheet was created around the second year my wife and I were married. We’re going on year fourteen now, so this was about twelve years ago. Quite a long time! Here’s what the spreadsheet looked like: It served as a big reminder of how easy lifestyle inflation can creep up on an unsuspecting budget. Back about twelve years ago I had a couple of minor credit card

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"9 Ways to Take Your Budget to the Next Level" Course

Take your budget to the next level with this email course. You’ll get 9 tips to level up your budget and clear next steps to take so you can take action today!

Where should I send the course?