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As a millennial, it’s no secret that life can be quite difficult. Rising school costs, the threat of student loan debt, and a very unpredictable job market are among your chief concerns.

So why not ask for Christmas gifts that can help ease your financial burden as you work to take control of your finances and your life?

Spending time with loved ones is obviously the most important part of the holidays. However, family and friends love to get each other gifts, especially gifts that are insanely useful.

Here are the gifts that you should ask for as a millennial. And if you’re reading this and you’re not a millennial, these are some great gift ideas that I know a millennial would appreciate.

1. Help Paying Off Debt

One of the biggest issues and fears facing millennials today is mounting debt. In fact, there is Federal Reserve data that tells us the percentage of Americans under 35 who hold credit card debt has fallen to its lowest level since 1989.

Clearly, there is some apprehension around holding debt, but it also can be very hard to get a college education without going into debt. Student Loan Hero reports that Americans collectively owe more than $1.45 trillion in student loan debt.

So what does this have to do with Christmas gifts?

This is a great opportunity as a millennial to ask for help with some of that debt burden for Christmas. 

If you have student loans or credit card debt, ask for help paying it off for Christmas. This can come in the form of someone paying one of the bills for that month or giving you cash to put toward it.

Obviously, if you ask for this and get cash, you’ll want to make sure you actually put that cash toward your debt. 😉

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2. Gift Cards to Your Favorite Coffee Place

As a millennial, coffee feels almost like a necessity, and it’s not just about the need for caffeine. Getting out of the house to work on school work or just to hang out with friends is a huge thing that can clear your mind, give you the motivation to keep going, and help you have a good time.

To help with this, ask for gift cards to your favorite coffee spot.

Gift cards can be found almost anywhere these days, but can also be purchased online. Amazon sells Starbucks gift cards, amongst other options.

Having gift card money will help you say yes to those friends you may have been saying no to, or it will allow you to have a little change of scenery so you can get some meaningful work done.

3. A Payment Made on a Bill

Whether we’re millennials or not, as adults we all have bills. Car payments, car insurance, and cell phone bills are the most common that I’ve found.

A great thing to want for Christmas is for someone to pay one of these monthly bills for you. This can relieve stress and help with your finances.

It may even allow you to put a little extra oomph toward paying off your debt and becoming debt free sooner by combining your normal payment with the payment made as a gift.

Think about it. If you have 8 family members and friends looking for Christmas ideas for you, this could work out to them paying for a few of your monthly bills, depending on how much your bills are.

4 . Gas Gift Cards

Many college kids go to college near their home. That means there is a commute involved.

If you are one of those millennials, ask your friends and family for gift cards to gas stations. This will ease a little bit of the financial burden you’re already taking on to get a higher education.

I recommend having them give you gift cards to gas stations that are along the way to and from school or just getting a visa gift card.

Speaking of visa gift cards…

5. Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards are a great option when you’re not sure what financial burden you want to ease.

With a visa gift card, you can use it for:

  • Gas, if you need gas
  • Coffee, if you need to work on a project or need some socializing time
  • Clothes, if you have been putting off buying new underwear until your student loans are paid off
  • Food, if you don’t have a chance to get home between work and school
  • Virtually anything else you might need

A visa gift card is a good option but it can be tempting to spend it recklessly. Be careful with this one.

6. Have Everyone Chip in for Big Ticket Items

As a millennial, there are some big things that you may need for school or to get a leg up in your career. Why not ask everyone to chip in for these items?

If you’re in need of a laptop, everyone in your family and friends circle could get you Best Buy gift cards to help you purchase that.

School books are another big item that contributes to student loan debt. Getting these paid for as a Christmas gift can potentially help you for years to come because it won’t add to your student loan debt.

If need be, you can also have everyone pitch in for your tuition as well. Depending how many people are buying gifts for you.

7. Ask to Not Exchange Gifts

Last, but certainly not least, you could ask your family and friends to not exchange gifts at all.

Christmas gifts have the potential to cost a lot of money. If you don’t exchange gifts, you may not be receiving anything, but you won’t be spending the money to purchase gifts either. This will free up cash to keep paying down your debt or save up for something you need.

Again, the most important part of the holidays is spending time with the family and friends that you love. There is no shame in not wanting to exchange gifts.

Don’t be afraid to explore this option.

Final Thoughts

The holidays are among the best times of the year for a lot of people. Hanging out with family, eating some great food, and exchanging gifts are always a fun part of it.

This Christmas, if you’re a millennial, ask your friends and family to get you one of the gifts above to help you continue to make headway on your finances.

If you’re buying for a millennial, get one of these gifts above and watch their eyes light up with gratefulness.

Which one of these gifts are you planning on asking for?

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