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Mother’s Day is fast approaching! There’s no better way to say “Mom, you’re special to me” than doing something to show her.

And I’m not talking about just with gifts. Mom’s have given so much to their children and deserve our time and gratitude as well.

If you haven’t gotten anything to tell your mom how special she is yet, here are some great ideas—and all of them are under $30! Woot woot!

Gift Card for a Movie Night – $25

There are a lot of great looking movies coming out this year. Why not give mom a night to unwind at the movie theater? 

A $25 gift card—like this AMC gift card from Amazon—might be right up her alley.

Movies typically cost between $9 and $13 for tickets. So if she goes with a friend or significant other (or you!), there’s still some gift card money for popcorn.

A Bottle of Wine (or 3!) – $3 to $30

If your mom is a fan of unwinding at home with a glass of wine, why not help her stock up?

Grab a bottle of her favorite wine and then grab one or two new ones for her to try.

As long as you’re spending under $10 per bottle, you’ll be able to give her up to 3 bottles of wine.

Aldi has some great wines for really cheap. Their bottle of Winking Owl Moscato is only $2.69 and is delicious!

Try them out!

Inspiration Wall Art – $10 to $30

Moms have put in a lot of work over the years to give us life, raise us, and keep us safe. 

One of the biggest things they could use from us is some encouragement and appreciation.

Amazon has a great selection of wall art under $30 for you to give mom that extra boost of confidence and gratitude. Some of my favorite pieces are:

Take your pick. A lot of these are cheap enough that you can grab a nice looking, cheaper frame to put them in as well.

A Phone Case to Remind Her of You – $10 to $30

A phone case like this one from Amazon is a great reminder of how much you love your mom.

That one is for iPhone but there are a ton of options for both iPhone and Android phones on Amazon. 

You can even get a personalized one like this one from Shutterfly that’s on sale for $22.50 right now.

A Book about Mom – $13

What Are Moms Made Of?” by Ruth Austin (Author) and Justine Edge (Illustrator) is one of the sweetest mom books you’ll find. 

There is literally nothing I could say to describe this book better so I’m going to copy their description below.

“It’s not one quality or single event that makes her the mom that she is. From her comfort and care to her hugs and strength, Mom is made of so many wonderful things. This sweet and elegant book celebrates Mom, giving thanks for the beauty she shares just by being who she is. Features a classic design with a series of witty and heartfelt sentiments based on a lyrical rhyming scheme that echoes the popular children’s nursery poem for a sweetly nostalgic feel.”

If that doesn’t sound like something your mom will enjoy than I don’t know what does.

Pick this one up for only $13!

Take Mom Out to Dinner – $15 to $30

There are a ton of local places and chains that a little cheaper but still decent enough quality to take mom out for under $30. 

Places like TGI Friday’s, Applebees, Denny’s, Chili’s and other similar chains can be great options and may surprise you with the quality of some of their menu items.

You could also try a deal from or buying her a restaurant gift card to go toward a night out.

Take Mom Out for a Quality Chat at a Coffee Shop – $5 to $20

One of the nice things about Mother’s Day is the time of year it is. May is usually a nice month for weather in much of the U.S. 

This means that taking mom out to a coffee shop, buying her a coffee and maybe a baked good, and focusing on a nice conversation is a great way to spend Mother’s Day.

Bonus points for sitting outside in the nice weather!

Do a Favor for Her – $0


If you really want to save money, doing something special as a favor is a great way to go. It can literally cost nothing but your time.

This can also have more meaning than just buying her a gift.

Clean out her garage for her. Deep clean the house. Do her laundry so she can just relax for a day. 

Take her husband out to eat so she doesn’t have to deal with him. 😉 Kidding.

Find something that your mom has wanted to or needed to get done and take care of it for her.

You’ll not only make her feel special, but you’ll also have her gratitude.

Make Something For Her – $0 to $30

You know, ever since our girls learned how to color we no longer buy cards for people. We just have our girls make them!

It is a lot cheaper than spending money on a Hallmark card, it allows my kids to be part of the gift-giving process, and it’s a little something special for the gift receiver.

Take the same approach with your mom and make something for her.

If you’re crafty, grab some cheap pallet wood and make her a fun sign to decorate her house. 

Knit her a handmade sweater or blanket if she gets cold all the time like mine does.

There are a ton of things you could make for mom.

Have fun with this one and be creative!

Spend Time With Her – $0

My last point and conclusion is to spend time with your mom. A lot of the gifts I’ve listed above incorporate some sort of time with your mom.

At the end of the day, the greatest gift you can give your mom is to just be with her.

Hang out with her.

Let her know how much you love her.

Enjoy it now while your mom is still around. Some people don’t have that privilege anymore.

That being said, I will actually be out of town for a wedding Mother’s Day weekend so I’m going to have to owe my mom big time.

Ruh-Roh! Ha! We’ll make it up to her shortly after.

What are you planning on doing for your mom for Mother’s Day this year?